Blood donation drive at Navi Mumbai

A Blood Donation Drive was organized by a joint collaboration of Muslim Ekta Foundation (MEF) and NMMC at Vashi Railway Station. The drive commenced at 10 a.m. in the presence of Shri. Suresh Mendge, DCP – Crime, Navi Mumbai, Shri Shahaji Umap, DCP, Vashi Zone and Dr. Prashant Jawade, Superintend, NMMC Hospital. The drive was held in the memory of the Police Officers who laid their life for Mumbai’s safety on 26/11.

Dr. Imtiaz Kondakari of Konkani Vyapari Club (KVC) and his team were the first donors. Dignitaries like Shri. Vaibhav Naik and Shri. Vijay Chougule came to pay respect to the martyrs. Shri Iqbal Kaware was also present at the occasion. They praised the efforts of MEF to raise blood in collaboration with the NMMC. A blood donation camp collected total 165 bottles till 5:00 pm.

MEF is an umbrella body of various trusts active in social and religious services for the upliftment of poor and needy in Navi Mumbai. A blood donation camp to commemorate the efforts of the martyrs of 26/11 is one of its efforts to serve the needy.

NMMC pathologist, Dr. Sangita Bansode and her team with dedicated group of Shri Yaser Arafath, Shri Shastryji, Shri Rajesh Jain, Shri Amit Savla provided a well organized support system.

MEF was represented by Salim Shaikh, A.H. Khan (PashBhai), Abdul Sarvaiya, Gufran Chorghay, Abbas Mulla, Ashraf Niyazi, Salim Ratansi, A.R. Dadan and Ahmed Firfiray.

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