Blood Donation Campaign

A Blood Donation Campaign was organized by “Muslim Ekta Foundation” (MEF) in association with “NMMC” at Vashi Railway Station Premises, Navi Mumbai on 26th November 2015 between 10 am through 5 pm. The drive was held in the memory of the Police Officers who laid their life for Mumbai’s safety on 26/11. The campaign was to make people understand the need of timely access to safe blood.

The presence of Shri Prabhat Ranjan (Commissioner of Police of Navi Mumbai), Shri Suresh Mangade (DCP -Crime Navi Mumbai), Shri DCP Shahaji Umap (DCP of Navi Mumbai), Dr. Prashant Jawade (Medical Superintendent, NMMC), Shri Munawar Patel (Corporator, NMMC) made this blood drive even more blissful. They appreciated the foundation for organizing this event with a huge success and also motivated to have such kind of events more often in future.

People from of all walks of life and different group of NGOs, came together for this noble cause. Mr. Raghunath was the first blood donor. The members of “KVC Association” Dr. Firoz Sarang, Zubair Chougle, Rauf Khan, Hashim Dhamaskar, Gufran Chorghay and around 101 donors were successfully able to donate blood.

“Muslim Ekta Foundation” is an umbrella body of various trusts active in social and religious services for the upliftment of poor and needy in Navi Mumbai. A blood donation camp to commemorate the efforts of the martyrs of 26/11 is one of its efforts to serve the needy. The foundation is represented by Salim Shaikh, Afaque Khan, Siraj Basheer, A.H. Khan (Pashabhai), Saeed Mulla, Ali M. Shamsi, Yaser Arafath, Salim Ratansi, Abbas Mulla, Gufran Chorghay and others.

The committee members of MEF appreciated and thanked to all the donors and the doctors, nurses and staff of NMMC for their generous effort to make the blood donation drive event successful.

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